About Us


Welcome to ArchiPlanning!

ArchiPlanning is a website dedicated to students who are interested in architecture, to share their ideas and insights about architecture, engineering, photography and construction.


After a successful test run, the ArchiPlanning team is proud to present the new and updated ArchiPlanning website which we will call home for the years to come.

ArchiPlanning aims to bring and raise awareness about architecture, engineering and photography to the wider public. With buildings and development sprouting at a greater pace than normal, we believe it is paramount that the knowledge of architecture be spread to everyone around us. We hope to be able to educate and share our knowledge and thoughts on architecture and engineering through this website.

With students all around the world joining in on this website, we believe that different perspectives, views and comments of architecture will be brought to you through our carefully curated articles and self-taken photographs.

We at ArchiPlanning always hope to expand our team of authors, editors and photographers. If you have something to share or are interested in joining, hit the button down below and join our team now!