• Jason Yan

Pacific Place

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Pacific Place Mall

Structure: Pacifc Place

Location: Admiralty, Hong Kong

Architect: Heatherwick Studios

Main Contractor: Shui On Construction & Materials

Developed by Swire Properties and redesigned by a team at Heatherwick Studios, Pacific Place is a commercial/office development shopping mall located in Admiralty, the heart of the very central district in Hong Kong.

Originally constructed in the 1980s, the early development of Pacific Place can be separated into three phases: Phase one, which consists of One Pacific Place, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, and the Upper House, opened in 1988. Phase two includes Conrad Hong Kong, Pacific Place Apartments, as well as Two Pacific Place and Island Shangri-Lam, which occupy the bottom and the upper half of the tallest tower of the complex (56 floors; 213 metres high). The Conrad International Hotel was completed in 1991, whereas the third and final phase was settled in 2004 with the completion of Three Pacific Place by Gammon Construction. Closely linked to Admiralty MTR station, Pacific Place offers a large variety of timely, convenient modes of transport.

However, Pacific Place underwent a major renovation from 2011 to 2015, which involved interior, exterior, and architectural changes designed by Thomas Heatherwick, costing more than $2.1 billion HKD.

Walking into the Pacific Place mall through the entrance near the High Court, you are greeted by the large and airy atrium that spans 4 floors, where natural light shines in through the thousands of glass ceiling panels that line the ceiling of the atrium in a geometric pattern.

Natural materials make up a big part of Heatherwick’s new design, bringing a fluid sense of purity and genuity to Pacific Place. For instance, natural stone and textured Tektura wallpaper are employed to depth to otherwise flat surfaces, whilst wood was made to eliminate angular edges and create a more natural flowing sensation within the architectural design. The shining light reflects onto the railings and glass surfaces that outline the swift interior surfaces of the mall corridors, allowing more natural light and color to fill the halls with the tropical wonder. Whilst in the mall, you experience the airy feeling that is continued across the floors of the mall.

Being an icon of contemporary luxury, Pacific Place settles among the thrones of Hong Kong’s retail heap. Heatherwick Studios presents not only to Hong Kong but to the world a modern, premier lifestyle hub desired by many.


Photography by Iwan Baan and Swire Properties