• Jason Yan

Exchange Square

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Structure: Exchange Square

Location: Central, Hong Kong

Height: 188m

Architect: Palmer & Turner

Main Contractor: Gammon Contractor

Designed by Palmer & Turner, Exchange Square is an award-winning architectural achievement located in Central, Hong Kong. It was completed in 1988 and is now mostly owned by HongKong Land (HKL). This architectural complex boasts three main blocks and an office building, namely One Exchange Square, Two Exchange Square, Three Exchange Square, as well as The Forum.

Palmer & Turner, also known as the P&T Group, is a well-established architectural firm in Hong Kong. It is one of the oldest architecture and engineering firms in the world, designing numerous important buildings and landmarks in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Southeast Asia.

In February 1982, HKL tendered the Hong Kong Government(HKG) $4.76 billion for the plot of land, reaching a record high at the market.

Home to many prestigious companies and even the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since the 1980s, Exchange Square houses many international banks, law firms and other major tenants, including but not limited to the Bank of Montreal and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In addition, Exchange Square is also home to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the American Club of Hong Kong, and the consulates of Argentina, Canada, and Japan.

Before the Airport Core Program, Exchange Square dominated the skyline with its plot of land adjacent to the sea, overlooking the Victoria Harbour. The two buildings are interconnected by a gigantic atrium, spanning over 5 floors. The towers utilize a geometrical order of squares and circles to achieve such a distinctive sculptural design. With each building spanning 51 and 52 floors respectively, Exchange Square is an architectural marvel at its inception.

Previously The Forum was a shopping complex at the podium level. However, it was redeveloped into a seven-storey office building from 2011 to 2014, which is wholly occupied by Standard Chartered Bank. The plaza outside the forum consists of a landscaped roof garden, stepped terraces and fountains, and a collection of sculptures by artists such as Henry Moore, Ju Ming and Dame Elizabeth Frank.

Adjacent to the airport express MTR station, One and Two Exchange Square provides easy access to all modes of transport, including public bus and minibus terminus at ground floor. In addition, Exchange Square links to part of HongKong Land’s Central pedestrian bridge system and other major buildings, hece offering high accessibility and convenience to transport.

Exchange Square sets the benchmark in Hong Kong for a prestigious, globally oriented, 24-hour business complex. It hosts a number of leading international investment banks and financial institutions and will surely continue to establish herself as one of the many architectural accomplishments not only in Hong Kong but also among architectural designs world-wide.