• Coleman Hong

Tamar Park

Structure: Hong Kong Central Government Complex

Location: Tamar, Hong Kong

Height: 117 m

Architect: Rocco Design Architects Ltd

Since moving out of former government buildings like Murray Building in 2011, The Hong Kong Central Government Complex houses the Legislative Council chambers, the central government offices and the office of the Chief Executive. Situated adjacent to Tamar park, the Central Government Complex adopts multiple unique architectural features both in its design and around the complex.

Due to the aging of the building and the limited spaces for daily government operations, leading to an increase in maintenance costs and lack of space for all the different offices, the construction of a new complex at the Tamar site instead of the City Hall site was approved by the Executive Council on 30 April 2002. The aim was for the building to not only include enough office space and Legislative Council chambers, but also compatible facilities for the community.

One of the main features of the building is its outlook. The building adopts a “Door’s always open” philosophy. With one of the buildings at a slight angle, it is meant to symbolize an open door with its positioning. It is meant to bring the message across that Hong Kong is open to many different and diverse cultures, as well as new ideas that might be introduced along with them.

Another main feature is the emphasis on connection with nature within the complex. This is seen most by the placement of the complex adjacent to Tamar Park, a spot of greenery. The complex also has a “green carpet” with stretches towards Victoria Harbour. Furthermore the Legislative Council Garden, amphitheatres are all open for public use, further emphasising the greenery in and around the complex.

Home to over 2000 government workers, Tamar Park has great access to the surrounding city. With the Admiralty Mass Transit Railway (MTR)Station being just 5 minutes away by walking. Further research has been done for a new MTR Station - Tamar Station, which will serve as the immediate station for the government complex and the park surrounding it.

Rising over the Hong Kong skyline in such a magnificent manner, the Tamar Park Complex is a wonder to the city of Hong Kong.